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The Inner City of North America – A Safe House for Women & Children

The Inner City of North America (ICNA) is an NGO & Charitable Trust in the United States of America, directly benefitting over thousands of children and their families every year.
We Are Modernizing American Society (MAS) of Inner City of North America (ICNA) which is aimed at helping unprivileged women and children to get back on their feet. Currently, ICNA directly benefits over thousands of homeless children and women belonging to any caste or religion, ICNA, currently provides safe house, cloth and food to home.
The homeless women and children can rely over ICNA for their need of healthy food, clothes and other living essentials. While dealing with (100+) projects on women empowerment, livelihood, community development, children protection and healthcare, it is immensely helping the less fortunate people in the North America.
The situation of poor women and children in North America is getting worse. They don’t have Safe House to stay, food to eat and clothes to cover their bodies. We empower them to live a better life what they deserve. Right from preparing them for the appropriate social behavior and making them understand one’s right, we help them evolve as a better citizen of society.
Looking over the miserable economic condition of poor families, we found out more than 40 Million people in America are living in a poverty and out of which 18.5 Million have reached deep poverty.
The poverty majorly hampers the women’s and children’s physical health, motivation, curiosity and willingness to live life. They feel isolated from the society and lose up their self-confidence because of their economic status and adapt the fear of being powerless, inappropriate fit for the society etc.
The main objective of Inner City of North America (ICNA) is to carry out the charitable, holistic and sustainable development of poor women and children (belonging to any religion) fighting with their sociol status, caste, creed, color, religion and gender.


We aim to build a society where everyone is treated equally, they share and care for the poor and unprivileged people and make world a better place to live in for them.


ICNA Relief missions to see smile on every face through establishing a progressively advancing society, free from disparities and unequal social status. A society where people would keep up the dignity and development of every person, maintain a peace and solidarity and co-operate with each other and help one another grow together.

Our Projects & Milestones

While moving towards MAS ICNA Convention vision and mission, Inner City of North America works intensively through focused welfare projects in four major areas as mentioned below -


To prevent children from violence, exploitation and abuses, ICNA Relief activities follow the international normative framework for the rights of the child, as well as decisions and policies agreed in Intergovernmental Bodies.

Our child protection work focuses on three key ‘evidence’ groups including exploitation, child trafficking, child labour, inadequate parental care and risk reduction of disasters.


The situation of women in today’s world is quite miserable. They are constantly being compared by men for education, job or sociol-economic status. Even women are victims of many heinous crimes such as rape, molestation and immoral trafficking.

We at ICNA Convention, believe in empowering the women and unleashing their capabilities, intelligence and potential to the world.

3. Food & Livelihood

As reported in Government Statistics, by 2025, more than one billion young people will face poverty across Unites States. On the other hand, the children who experience hunger are at a higher risk of developing asthma, struggling with anxiety or depression, and performing poorly in school or physical activities. Even many people can lead to death due to not getting proper food to eat every day. We under ICNA Relief, plan to provide satisfactory food to poor people and their children.


There are some people, groups and communities which are excluded from the society. Under our community development mission, we seek to challenge this incident and ensure fairness and equality to all the citizens of the country.

We aim to build a community in which all the members of society come together and take collective action and decisions against common problems, issues and crimes.

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