​Disclaimer Inner City of North America is not affiliated nor related with Islamic Circle of North America

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Inner City of North America is not affiliated with Islamic Circle of North America

Our Mission Statement
The Mission of ICNA is to “Ensure a smile on every Face". This is best done by establishing a redeemed, regenerated and progressive society, which will be free from exploitation, injustice and disparities- where the Overall development and dignity of every person will be secured, where people can live in peace, solidarity, cooperation and brotherhood, & where the rights of every one will be protected. All this can be developed and sustained through the transformation & sustained development of the American Society in which we live. We have a special commitment to protecting homeless and abused women and Children through our safe home.

Inner City Of North America (ICNA) is a Social, Cultural, Economic, Health, Educational, relief and rural/urban community development organisation registered in USA as a charitable trust. We are committed to the Millennium development goals. Our vision is for a just and compassionate  society in which all people will have the opportunity to achieve their optimum potential. Its priorities and objectives are to carry out charitable, holistic and sustainable development work among the poor, marginalized, downtrodden, illiterate, vulnerable and the exploited ones, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, sex or religion.

The Child Protection Programme is a core sector of our work. We utilize a child rights programming framework and keep in mind the cross-cutting themes of child participation, non-discrimination and best interests of children.

​Women  consistently lag behind men in terms of access to education, health care, jobs etc. Apart from the economic and social inequality, women are victims of heinous crimes such as dowry deaths, rape, molestation and immoral trafficking.

Safe home provides an alternative for women who arrived at a situation were they have been abused or removed from thier homes at late midnight. We provide a place for those homeless women and children who has no shelter to live in such situations. 

One in eight women, men and children go to bed hungry every night and by 2025 nearly a billion young people will face poverty because of the damage done to them now through hunger and malnutrition.
  1. 564,708
    Homeless People
  2. 702,000
    Child Victims & Abuse
  3. 15.3 million
    Children Straving
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire.

This is how we all visualize the winters. But, winter comes back very hardly to the underprivileged that too old aged people who are deprived of love and affection by their kith and kin. 

Our team members will visit and meet poor homeless people and children in slums and few shelters and donate coats and jackets all over USA.